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Welcome to the website for Drs. James Hamman and Lindsey A. Horwedel. At our Fort Worth practice, your health and comfort are our first priority. During any visit with our team, we hope you find our office’s atmosphere friendly, comfortable, and caring. For over 28 years we’ve been serving patients from Fort Worth and the Lake Worth community, which brings a small-town feel to the bustling activity of the surrounding city and metroplex. What’s more, we pride ourselves on bringing that same small-town feel to our practice every day. Whether you’re seeing us for a basic exam, or one of our many cosmetic or restorative services, you can expect gentle and affordable care with a personalized touch.

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Excellent Care for the Entire Family

Are you looking for a dental practice that can help you and the rest of your family, including your three year old?  Look no further. Dr. Hamman and Dr. Horwedel are happy to treat entire families, from adults on down to young children.  In fact, we would encourage your family to see us at least twice in a single year. Why? Because we’re all vulnerable to common conditions like gum disease and tooth decay, which should all be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible to preserve good oral health and wellbeing. Let us safeguard your family’s good health with our range of contemporary dental services.

Patient Education and Personalized Service

With every patient we see, we have two goals: to help you understand your needs, and to guide you to the service or services that will truly help you. In both cases, our desire is also to educate you. Only when you know what your needs are and you understand the options available to you can you make a truly informed choice about your own care.

During any appointment with Dr. Hamman or Dr. Horwedel, we will complete a thorough oral exam and review your medical history, then talk to you about the results. If you have any questions during your appointment, don’t hesitate to ask. Addressing your concerns is part of our commitment to patient education and personalized service. With our careful, patient-centered approach to dentistry, we hope to earn your trust and gain your business for your lifetime.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hamman or Dr. Horwedel. We’re happy to serve Fort Worth and all surrounding areas.